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Na Hoku Hanohano Nominee for Best Instrumental Album (2015)

Kohala’s new release “Mana Road”  delivers the beautiful Kohala sound and precision guitar performance Kohala fans have come to love and expect, while the addition of percussion on this recording – including congas, cajon, and ipu – turns things up a notch for the trio. Additionally, while their early releases covered popular Hawaiian songs, “Mana Road” features all new originals composed by the three members of the group – Rupert Tripp, Jr, Charlie Recaido and Charles Michael Brotman. Kohala kicked off this release with a 5 week Japan tour and they are headed back to Japan for a six week tour in September 2016.

KOHALA: Charles Michael Brotman, nylon-string guitar (center speaker); Charlie Recaido, acoustic guitar (left speaker); Rupert Tripp Jr., acoustic guitar (right speaker).

Percussion: Asia Lynn Yap: congas and cajon; Thomas Mohbat: congas, cajon, shaker; triangle; Charlie Recaido: ipu, ipu heke, shakers, cajon, finger snaps, cymbals, and bells; Charles Michael Brotman: sampled percussion editing.

Engineered and mastered by GRAMMY Award-wining producer, Charles Michael Brotman, at Lava Tracks Recording Studio in Kamuela, Hawaii, for Palm Records. Mixed by Charles Michael Brotman and Charlie Recaido. All songs composed by Charles Michael Brotman (ASCAP), Charlie Recaido (ASCAP), and Rupert Tripp Jr. (ASCAP).

CD Tracks

  1. 1Pipeline Samba
  2. 2Island Heir
  3. 3Anna's Pond
  4. 4Bumper to Bumper
  5. 5Mana Road
  6. 6Skamba
  7. 7Promise of Dawn
  8. 8Kamuela Shuffle
  9. 9Free Range
  10. 10Kiholo Stars
  11. 11Vaquero
  12. 12Midnight Cafe

3 reviews for MANA ROAD

  1. Wes Horner
    5 out of 5


    Very enticing and authentic. This beautiful music has tempted me to soon come back to Kohala.

  2. Cheri Mitton
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just ordered this today! I cannot tell you how excited I am! When I taught middle school, I would always play Kohala in my classroom on a test day. Nice soothing music for the kids!

  3. Laura
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Absolutely wonderful one of the best Cd’s yet!!!i love The way this music makes me feel and relax my mind. These guys are Extremely talented musicians more people need to hear their music And the world would be a better place!

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