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CD Description

The first year there was a GRAMMY® Award for Best Hawaiian Music Album, it was given to Charles Michael Brotman, Producer, for “Slack Key Guitar Volume 2” . It is a recording of 10 extraordinary slack key artists, each with their own tuning and slack key style ranging from traditional to contemporary. Ki ho’alu, or slack key, refers to the altered tunings of the acoustic guitar that are unique to the musical heritage of Hawai’i. The unusual harmonies of slack key are synonymous with the beauty of the islands.

“Slack Key Guitar Volume 2″ was recorded in the heart of Paniolo country where the guitar style originated. It is the sequel to “Slack Key Guitar”, a HOKU Award finalist and also a top selling CD on the Palm Records label.

CD Tracks

  1. 1Celtic Summer
  2. 2Punahele
  3. 3Nai'o
  4. 4Kahealani
  5. 5Circle Song
  6. 6Anuhea's Song
  7. 7Julia's Whisper
  8. 8Keiki Slack Key
  9. 9Kanaka Nova
  10. 10Jo Bo's Night
  11. 11Hamakua Hale
  12. 12Noe Noe Uakea
  13. 13Paniolo Medley
  14. 14Kiholo Moon


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